Guidelines for Faculty Advisors

In an effort to provide assistance and support, the CCO welcomes the opportunity to visit with your advisory or to meet with individual advisees. Key times to meet may be during course selection or comment review periods, but please feel free to contact us if needed.

As students progress throughout high school, it is important for them that they develop academically and personally. Your advice and encouragement about their pursuit of extracurricular and community service efforts will support this development and their ability to successfully balance their time and commitments. When reviewing admission applications, colleges take a holistic approach; seeking students who demonstrate a high level of engagement and pursuit of interests. The more you can encourage your advisees to proactively involve themselves in the world around them, the better prepared they will be to succeed after D-E.

Seniors are eligible to have four excuse absences throughout the academic year. Typically, students will take two days in the fall and save the rest in the spring. The form is available online.